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10 Obvious Signs a Job Interview Went Well

Job searching is a stressful endeavour that nobody wants to spend years on which is why it is important to know the signs a job interview went well so as to know when to have higher hopes of getting a job.

Take for instance; if you attended a job interview being told that it would last about half an hour at maximum, but you’ve been speaking with the interviewer for over an hour, that’s one pretty good sign the job interview is going well

Conversely, if the outcome is quite the opposite whereby the interview stops shortly after it started, then you probably should know that the interview is going as expected.

Over the years, we at FlowingFly has helped thousands of job seekers with vital information that has helped them find jobs, scale interviews, and become better professional in the workplace.  We’ve spent time discussing with interviewers and job seekers to know the exact patterns to determine how well a job interview is going.

Curious to learn more about the signs a job interview went well? Keep reading this article.

Sings a Job Interview Went Well

One thing is certain; whenever a job interview is going well, you as the candidate would inevitably know your faith regarding the job after the interview, whether you will be called up for the job or not.

Below are some of the obvious signs a job interview went well. With these signs, you should be certain of landing the job.

But wait a sec… I need to throw more light on the subject of this article before sharing the intended signs a job interview went well.

There is no fixed time it takes to get feedback from an employer or recruiter after an interview. However, it is common to keep in mind that the average response time from employers is around 24 business days.

With such a long time to wait for a response from the company in which you interviewed, especially when you are uncertain about the outcome of the interview, the waiting time can be excruciating. Whether you get the job or not, you can only tell the outcome after you get feedback from the employer.

While there are no obvious specific ways to know the outcome of every interview, there are signs a job interview went well.

Now you have a better idea about the subject of this content, let’s proceed with highlighting the key signs a job interview went well.

1. The hiring manager or employer seemed engaged

Most interview candidates take the interview to be a one-way street; the interviewer asks questions while they provide answers to the questions. While that may be true, there is more that is expected in the interview than a simple Q & A, you need to engage in a good conversation with the interviewer.

Like with any form of communication, engagement and disengagement behaviours are vital signs to watch out for during an interview. This can outrightly help you pinpoint unspoken issues, thoughts or feelings about your performance.

What good engagement behaviours do is that it suggests interest, receptivity, or agreement, while disengagement is quite the opposite. Did you get the expression from your interviewers that showed that they were interested as you answered the questions they ask?

Taking a closer look at their body language and responses to your interview questions can give you an insight into their enthusiasm for you as a prominent candidate for the job. Smiling, leaning forward, and nodding are some of the nonverbal cues that they are interested in your responses.

Whenever you start noticing these positive cues, it is a clear sign that your interview is quite going well and may land you the job afterwards.

2. Your interview took longer than scheduled

If you want a clearer sign to conclude that your interview went well, then here is another good instance. If your interview was scheduled to take place for half an hour but it took over an hour to wrap up your conversation with the interviewer, chances are, that your interviewer is interested in you as a prospective candidate for the job and was highly engaged with your conversation.

The duration at which an interview ends can differentiate between a mediocre candidate and a stellar candidate. For most not-so-good candidates, it is almost impossible for the interview to last longer than expected due to the lack of engagement between both the employer and the interviewee. While stellar candidates tend to stay longer in an interview due to how interested the interviewer is in them.

Keep in mind, irrespective of your qualifications for a job, you need to know how to ace a job interview like a pro, and also learn the common interview questions that come up in every interview.

3. The interview felt conversational

Without any doubt, an interview determines whether you are the perfect candidate for an open position or not. Therefore, interviewers use interviewing techniques to screen job applicants and find the best candidate for their open job. In most cases, you will be asked job-related questions that will assess your ability to perform the job.

However, in as much as an interview is typically a business conversation, you can still build rapport and connect on a personal level with your interviewer. If this happens in your interview, which is one of the signs a job interview went well, it’s a positive sign that you nailed your interview.

Relevant skills and past experiences for the job you are interviewing for can make you stand out as a good candidate for the job but establishing a relationship and human interactions with the interviewer also play a key role in the success of the interview.

Always keep in mind that at the end of the day, the interviewer is not looking for a work machine but a colleague, someone with who they will spend an average of 7 to 8 hours daily on average and 5 to 6 times a week.

So, it’s important to feel comfortable with them while conversing and vice versa.  And most importantly, if you feel the interview is more conversational than an interrogation, it is also a good indicator ta=ha the interview went well.

4. You felt you were being sold on the role and the company

Basically, a job interview is a conversation between an employer and an interested candidate for the job.  Like with other meaningful conversations, it is a two-way street and should go both ways,

The interview evaluates your qualifications and personality and whether you are the best fit for the role and organization. While on the other hand, you are gathering insider information about the role and the company whether you would like to work in the company or not.

If during the job interview, you did a good job in impressing the interviewer with your personality and qualifications, the interviewer will try to sell the role to you to further convince you to stick with the company.

Additionally, if at some point the interviewer decides to change the subject of discussion and try to impress you with the benefits associated with working in the company, it’s a good sign that the interview went well.

These are some takeaway points from this sign a job interview went well – Did the interviewer highlight the perks, benefits, career advancements, and other things you could gain from working in the company? Did you feel the interviewing is marketing to bring you into the team? If yes, they are signs that they want you to work with them in the company.

5. You were asked follow-up questions

If by any chance the interviewer is interested in you as a candidate for their job, they will dig deeper into your questions with related questions.

Are they asking related questions to build upon the answers you gave to them? Or are they just asking questions from their checklist of required questions? Paying closer attention to the questions that are being asked can help you determine how well you are performing in the interview.

Although you may feel uncomfortable when they keep pressing you with additional questions, it is one of the good signs a job interview went well.

However, don’t get this point twisted. If the interviewer is restating the same questions they already asked over again, it could be a sign that you are not providing them with the information that they need to hear.

6. You were introduced to potential colleagues and the company’s management team

After concluding the interview, what was the next event that took place? Did you just go back home or were you introduced to the company’s management team and other colleagues? If so, there’s a great chance that you have been considered for the job.

Not every candidate for a job interview is introduced to other workers or the management team in the company. It is not a courtesy that is commonly extended to every participant in an interview. So, if the interview introduces you to other colleagues in the company, it is obvious that you did well in the interview.

Also, apart from your job-related skills, they want to see how you can communicate and connect with your potential colleagues and whether you’d be a good fit for the culture of the company.

7. They told you that you did well

You must listen to the interviewer during a job interview because it can help you figure out how well you perform in the interview. 

Although, few interviewers can be blunt, and straightforward and will tell you that your qualifications are exactly what they are looking for and that your performance in the interview was great. If in your case it happens, it is one of the obvious signs a job interview went well because they believe you are a good fit for their job.

But if you are unsure, sometimes it is advisable to ask the interviewer about your performances and if they have reservations about your qualifications and resume. You can also inquire from them what their ideal candidate is all about.  Their response can help inform you whether you did well or not.

8. The hiring manager shared their contact details

It is uncommon for hiring managers to provide their contact information to all candidates after the job interview. So, when they are open and willing to directly share their contact information with you for further interactions, that’s a great sign you did well in the interview.

Although a phone number or email address from the hiring manager may be far from “oh yeah, you’re hired!”, it further suggests they want to have more talks with you.

Additionally, it is a strong sign that they consider you to be a prominent candidate for their open position or you may ultimately be the chosen one for the job.

9. Your interviewer gave you a timeline for the next steps

Securing the first interview is a big deal, but it’s just one step in the overall hiring process which involves a variety of different steps.

For an interviewer to inform you of the timeline for the next steps in the hiring process is one of the clear signs a job interview went well.  So, if in your case the interview goes into detail about the hiring timeline and what you should expect next, it means they are interested in you and wants you to be informed on what’s coming up next.

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10. You got a quick response to your follow-up email

It is always advisable to send a thank you email after participating in an interview. So, if you took the advice to send a thank you note which is friendly, personalized and well written, and your message received a quick response immediately to thank you for your time and to inform you that they’ll keep in touch soon.

A quick response from the hiring manager signifies that you’re on their preference list and they want to keep you engaged in the hiring process.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of signs a job interview went well which you should take note of in your interview so that you can tell whether you can land the job or not.

Also, it is always advisable to prepare to ace a job interview before going for a job interview. By doing this you may likely increase your chances of succeeding in the interview since you already know what to bring to the interview, the questions that come up in the interview, and what to ask in the job interview.

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