About Us

FlowingFly is the largest leading African online career advice platform. Over the years, we’ve strived to eliminate the bridge that emanates between aspiring employees and employees. We are able to accomplish this through intensive research and consultations with experts in the industry.

On a regular basis, we connect millions of individuals with life-changing professional advice and opportunities.

Why FlowingFly?

Our platform is famous with job seekers and those seeking career development and by millions of subscribers as fast, reliable, efficient, stable and trustworthy; the strength of the rapidly expanding enterprise could be traced to her promptness to trends, beautiful and user-friendly outlook/web-pages and the apt in providing prompt, up-to-date information on new and existing entrepreneurial education to every professional candidate in the world.

Our newly improved database provides more personalized and improved content, performance, features and services making available to millions of subscribers and visitors access to an even broader coverage and database of career advice, interview tips, as well as job listings and employers, and for employers to access more job seekers.

Our Vision

To provide seamless career advice and job process while creating lifelong relationships that ensure meaningful employment and hiring opportunities for the hiring company and the individual.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower job seekers and organizations with vital career information to achieve success by providing them with secure cutting-edge technologies that enable both job seekers and organizations to attain their career goals.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help over 100 million job seekers to get a job by nurturing them to be the best candidate that will help set companies for success through our career advice, career coaching, interview preparations and tips.

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